Hi Diane,
You have helped me twice with my dog, Grace. She had terribly tummy troubles. I am writing to thank you. A year ago, she shrieked every time she moved her bowels. Thankfully, you told me what was happening and now she is on medications and a diet that allow her to live a wonderful life. Dealing with the vet was difficult because her condition seems to be unusual, but having your guidance made it possible for me to effectively advocate on Grace's behalf. The lady at Pet Sage helped me with Grace's diet (ground bison, rice and spinach). We got rid of all chicken, beef, turkey, wheat and corn. She is like a new dog! Thank you so very much for giving me this wonderful year with my precious Grace. God bless you.

- Sherill Mason


I've had personal readings with Diane as well as animal readings with my pets and foster kitties. I am in awe at the insight Diane has relayed. On one occassion I went to see Diane after my dad passed away. During the reading, my dad came through to tell my sister happy birthday (my older sister had her 50th birthday 2 weeks after my dad died). He then told Diane about an insurance policy that my mom didn't know about for $7500. I asked my mom about it that weekend and she swore she took care of the bills and there was no such policy. About 3 months later, I was talking to my mom on the phone and my mom tells me that she found an insurance policy from Metlife that belonged to my dad. She called Metlife, mentioned her husband had passed away recently, and asked what the account was for. The service rep told her it was a policy worth $7500.


I've had several animal readings with Diane. The two that immediately come to mind that were the most impacting were that for Shay and Maise. Shay was a 9 year old kitty that we rescued from death row at PG County shelter. When we got her she was emaciated and refused to eat. For 2 weeks, we ran every medical test possible (bloodwork, ultrasound, xray) and I tried everything to coax her to eat including feeding (via tube) at the vet office on a daily basis just to keep her alive. At my wits end, I wondered if Shay wanted to live and if I was doing the right thing. Considering the possibility of putting her down, I thought it best to have Diane talk to her first. In the reading, Shay told Diane that she was heartbroken for the loss of her home where she loved another kitty that was no longer with her. She told Diane that I am helping her and that she does want to live. Diane explained to Shay that if she wants  to live, she needs to eat on her own. Shay promised Diane she would eat on her own but she did not want anymore feeding treatments at the vets (the scared her very much). I believe in Diane and her gift, but I have to admit that after everything I had been through with Shay, I was extremely skeptical that Shay would eat. I took Shay home that night and supplemented her with kitten formula to get something in her body. The next morning I sat there in awe as I watched Shay get off of the bed, go over to the wet food, and proceed to eat on her own. She didn't eat much since her tummy was so tiny but from that moment on she proceeded to eat on her own every 15 minutes. She had been so weak that I had to pick her up and put her in the litterbox so she could eliminate. After a few days of eating on her own, she started going to the litterbox on her own. Shay is a happy healthy 10 year old kitty that eats on her own and her heart is bigger than ever and completely healed (no signs of hurt from a year ago). And of course she has a forever home with me now.


Then there is the story of Maise who came to us front declawed and very angry and upset because his owner put him outside for 6 months and wouldn't let him back in the house because he nipped the toddler who had pulled on his tail one too many times. Maise had plenty of opportunities for a new home ... that is, until he nipped the potential adopters and they were afraid of him. Even volunteers were a little concerned. On the day Diane came to speak with Shay at the shelter, Maise had high hopes of talking to Diane himself. He spent a good 20 min with Diane in the bathroom pouring his heart out about how scared he was outside and hurt he was at what happened with his family. Diane explained that he can't bite people to get attention or to act out and that if he wanted attention he needed to do it in a positive way and what that meant. I took Maise home a few weeks later as a medical foster since he had a bad upper respiratory. Amazingly Maise never once bit me or my guests. Instead, if Maise wanted my attention, he would bump my hand with his head or gently reach out his paw to me. There were several people interested in Maise over the next month and because Maise 'got it' after  talking to Diane, he let go of the anger and he found his forever home with Tom and Gail about a year ago.

- Kelley Cislo

Paddy Cake and Snow Paws

Diane came to talk to my cats last summer. Right in the middle of the conversation, Diane looked at me in a funny way and said "I don't know how to put this nicely, but did you have lip herpes? Paddy Cake (my cat) just showed me an image of blisters all over the lips!" I started laughing because during the previous winter I had a severe allergic reaction to lipsticks and my lips were cracked and blistered for weeks! At the time of Diane's visit, my lips had healed completely. The only way she would've known about it was through talking with my cats!

Another case of my cats sharing information about me was at the same session with Diane. She looked at me again and said "did you hurt your foot? Snow Paws just showed me an image of a broken ankle?" Well, during the same winter, I was in a soft cast for 3 months because of a bad ankle!

- Helen

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